At the going down of the sun…
November 11, 2018
Snow Crow!
February 3, 2019

The Seeds of Time!

Nothing rare or particularly unusual here, but thought members might be interested in a few observations of the bird feeders in this slightly colder spell.

Peanuts, fat balls and sunflower hearts (the most popular option by far) have brought in some good variety. All the usual garden regulars, plus a great showing from a male Bullfinch – still convinced that nature has not produced a more beautiful colour! The Bullfinch is quite bold but usually moved on by the Nuthatch – a rather tatty one here seen with the increasingly uncommon Greenfinch (make the most of them as they have been badly affected by disease in recent years).

The picture below also shows a Goldfinch, two Blue Tits and a Marsh or Willow Tit (probably Marsh, although we do get both). Interestingly, Marsh Tits almost outnumber Blue, Great and Coal Tits here – we hardly ever saw them at my last house.

Also, look out for Siskins at the moment. the lower picture shows a female – like a thinner, more stripy Greenfinch.

My favourite shot: the third one. A contortionist Greenfinch with its head right through the seed feeder. The Goldfinch above is thinking, ‘Wow, that’s impressive – wish I could do that!’. Meanwhile, the Great Tit is thinking, ‘Big deal, seen it all before!’ The gymnastic Greenfinch is actually the head and tail of two different birds.

Just goes to show – never overlook your garden birds on your garden feeder.

Julian Pomroy – January 4th 2018