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February 18, 2019
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February 28, 2019

The He-Gull has Landed!

Yesterday, I spent about fifteen minutes on a day out in Ilfracombe observing a small flock of Herring Gulls on the rocks by the shoreline. It was fascinating to watch how their social hierarchy shifted as each new bird joined the group, particularly when an adult male landed among them.

It was also fun trying to capture some of their personality and airborne acrobatics as they hovered into land.

I know that they are not always popular, but I cannot imagine a trip to the seaside without them. After all, it is not the gulls’ fault that we have provided them with so many easy feeding and nesting opportunities in places that they have called home for many thousands of years; long before we ate ice-creams and fish and chips.

Julian Pomroy – 23rd February 2019