The Magic of Clouds
October 25, 2015
Simple pleasures
October 25, 2015

Tame Robins


On a recent wander between Bideford and Appledore along the coast path, we paused for a rest in a patch of woodland overlooking the estuary. As we sat admiring the view, we chatted away for a few minutes until we became aware of a very tame robin flitting about in the bushes nearby.

This set me thinking….why are some birds particularly robins, very tame. The ones that come into my own garden seem positively stand-offish at times. Although we feed all our garden visitors, and we have one or two robins most of the year, none of them could match the one we saw that day for being friendly. When I dig my veg plot over, the robin might show an interest, but he (or she) never alights on my spade handle and yet they are renowned for their tolerance of human- kind.

Perhaps, like humans, some are simply more gregarious than others and perhaps ours are from a local gene pool that is toffee nosed!

David Manifold.