The Seeds of Time!
January 4, 2019
Frog spawn in snow
February 9, 2019

Snow Crow!

Day three after this week’s snowfall, and a trip to Dartmoor gave a perfect Sunday afternoon outing. The snow was still thick in sheltered parts, so sledging was good and some of the views were still breathtakingly beautiful.

The Carrion Crow was a bit of ‘open the car window and pull in by the roadside’ opportunism. It is perched on an ancient cross (not so obvious from the side-view) and it made me think what an ancient sight this must be. I am not sure how different the hilltop vegetation would have been back then, but I like to think that monks making their way across the ancient tracks of the moors may have happened upon just such a scene the best part of one thousand years ago.

Snowballs, sledging and snapshots – doesn’t get any better than that!

Julian Pomroy – February 2nd 2019