Insect Antics
August 4, 2019
The fuchsia’s not so bright!
August 6, 2019

It’s just not Cricket!

This insect was obviously enjoying the heat of the sun on my car roof the other day. I thought it was a cricket at first but research showed it to be a Long-Horned grasshopper. As a rule, the crickets have more vertical leg structure and the grasshoppers have thinner bodies, although their identification can be a bit of a minefield. Either way, spectacular antennae.

The bird was calling on my bedroom window ledge one wet morning. Its call was incessant and clearly aimed at its parent who was feeding on the sunflower seeds below. It is a juvenile Goldfinch and went on to show the classic behaviour pattern of quick quivering of its wings inn order to receive food from the adult bird nearby. It may also be that it was taking some shelter, under the eaves, from what was a wet morning. It stayed on the window ledge for several minutes.

J Pomroy – 5th August, 2019