Mystery caterpillar
July 16, 2019
Choughed to bits!
July 27, 2019

Hogging the moonlight

A fabulous night yesterday saw our first hedgehog in our garden. We have known they are in the neighbourhood but it was very special seeing a large adult (the mother, I assume) and a baby which was only about 6cms long. We would not have seen the hogs had we not been out to watch last night’s wonderful partial lunar eclipse.

The eclipse was not ‘total’ but it reached about two thirds coverage at about 10.30pm. This was not all that long after sunset and, with the Moon being low in the sky, the colour produced was stunning. It was a wonderful coincidence that the eclipse came at the time when Apollo 11 took off for the moon fifty years ago. For anyone interested, the prominent crater at the bottom of the Moon is called Tycho (named after an astronomer) – it is more than fifty miles across and, astonishingly, almost exactly as deep as Mont Blanc is tall (15,000 feet). The pictures show the shadow of the bottom of Earth crossing the disc of the Moon. If you look closely, you can see my son and I making hand-silhouettes of a barking dog and a dove in flight…not really, only joking!

J. Pomroy – 17th July 2019

light cloud in front of the fullest phase of eclipse
baby hedgehog
Earth’s shadow beginning to leave the Moon