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April 16, 2019

Frog mystery

A bit of a mystery at a local pond recently in that whilst photographing a rather attractive Marsh Marigold I noticed a dead frog to the […]
February 28, 2019

Starling Magic

Following Julian’s very interesting Rooster Booster blog I visited the starlings site again last Friday, this time with my wife Sylvia. We observed the wood from […]
February 23, 2019

The He-Gull has Landed!

Yesterday, I spent about fifteen minutes on a day out in Ilfracombe observing a small flock of Herring Gulls on the rocks by the shoreline. It […]
February 18, 2019

Rooster booster!

Barrie and I tried to track down the whereabouts of the Starling roost this year – they have moved on from Bradford. As you can see, […]
February 12, 2019

Starling flock

On our way back from Hartland Quay today we stopped to watch Starlings settling on some power lines and the next thing the sky was full […]
February 9, 2019

Winter at Brandis Corner

                        The snowfall last week gave many opportunities for picture taking and here is a […]
February 9, 2019

Frog spawn in snow

I saw my first frog spawn of this year 31st Jan in Garlands Moor plantation. There were other examples of it too, indicating the area is […]
February 3, 2019

Snow Crow!

Day three after this week’s snowfall, and a trip to Dartmoor gave a perfect Sunday afternoon outing. The snow was still thick in sheltered parts, so […]
January 4, 2019

The Seeds of Time!

Nothing rare or particularly unusual here, but thought members might be interested in a few observations of the bird feeders in this slightly colder spell. Peanuts, […]