Not so creepy crawlies!
July 11, 2019
Back to the Fuchsia!
July 16, 2019

A real head-turner!

This barn owl is one of the parents of the chicks featured in Paul’s earlier blog. I saw it emerge from an outbuilding and drop down on some prey around 8.30pm. It was a cloudy night and the owl was about 100 metres away, so the quality is not pin sharp. However, it shows the full 180 degree turn of the head as it mantles over its catch while keeping an eye on myself. The relatively dark buff markings on the back and the dark wing bars suggest that it is female. However, barn owls are difficult to tell apart and I bow to anybody else’s superior knowledge. Either way, a stunning bird that I never tire of seeing.

J. Pomroy – 11th July 2019